Founded by Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum engineer and producer David Ivory, Flexitone Records is an innovative music label based out of Philadelphia, PA.  After being instrumental in the development and rise of Halestorm and Silvertide, David felt there was more he could do for the music he produced than just making it sound great. With that thought in mind, in 2012 David officially began bringing together what would become the Flexitone Records you have today.


But Flexitone is not your typical music label...we operate in a slightly different and unique way.  In the music business we live in today, it is all about one thing: the single. With this in mind, Flexitone approaches the industry by signing the song, not the artist.


The singles our artists create are fantastic, and they deserve more attention and effort than the artists themselves can give them. And that’s where Flexitone comes in - our mission is to represent the best tracks from the best independent regional, national, and international artists.  We’re the support system that specializes in guiding and promoting their single on a grassroots level.  Our experience, combined with our in-house radio, publishing, and promotions team gives Flexitone the ability to provide our releases with the best exposure and promotion available.



Flexitone is:


David Ivory - Chairman/CEO

Doug Green -­ Director of A&R and Business Affairs

Matt Carlin -­ Director of Art and Web Development