What Does Flexitone Do?

It all starts with the single. Whether recorded by David or recorded elsewhere, we’ll listen to your material and pick which is the most single­worthy. Once it’s been recorded and mastered, Flexitone will begin the process by digitally distributing the song to all major online retailers and streaming sites. Upon its release Flexitone will then start pitching the single to radio, blogs, press, etc. In addition, we also have our publishing wing (Cornea Publishing, LLC) where we are always on the hunt for opportunities.


When an artist signs with Flexitone, we work with them on a single­-by-­single basis. Our focus and our effort is strictly on the music. It’s a different approach to the traditional label model, but one we’re confident in given the current landscape of the industry.


What Kind Of Music Are You Looking For?

Flexitone is open to working with any genre of song out there. We have experience in just about every genre of music, so if we like it, we’re interested.


What Is Your Submission Policy?

Flexitone is not currently accepting unsolicited submissions. We have accepted them in the past, and are certainly open to the idea in the future, but the last time we did this we got swamped and just couldn’t keep up. When and if we do decide to accept unsolicited material in future, we’ll announce it through our website and social media pages.


But we’re always out there and our ears are always open. As long as you have the music, we’ll find you.


Where Did "Flexitone" Come From?

A flexitone is a flexible steel instrument with an attached mallet. You shake the instrument and the mallet hits the plate, making a unique sound each time it hits.


We’ve heard about the anti-aging cream.  That’s strictly coincidental.  It does work well, though.