Redd Panda

Leave With Me

Kara and I have spent years working in the service industry and we wanted to find an effective way to tell a real, everyday story through the power of music. Society tends to have the preconceived notion that just because an individual serves, bar tends, etc., he/she is not capable of achieving anything more. Leave With Me was ultimately fueled by our inner thoughts during those long, endless shifts.


I was actually working when I came up with the hook of the song. When I got home I immediately started singing it on my acoustic guitar, thought it was super catchy, and called Kara over. She came up with a lot of dope lyrics and melodies, so the two of us finished writing the record that night. It took about two months for me to convince my production partner Phoe Notes the record was a hit. Eventually we locked in on it and cooked up the production. Although it sounded great, something was still missing. That's when the legendary David Ivory offered his expertise and professional input to restructure some of the song's elements. Overall, a record that was written in merely a day ended up taking over a year to be completely finalized.


When we debuted Freak Show, Brandon was still new to the situation; it had only been a few months with him in the picture. Kara and I have always been close, but the three of us were really just starting to connect. After many shows, studio nights, and laughs, the three of us formed an unbreakable bond and continue to grow together. For the longest time Kara and I spent countless hours looking for the right drummer. Brandon not only brings a tremendous gift to the table, but his musical knowledge and personality is what truly completes ReddPanda. Releasing Leave With Me feels like a total team accomplishment.


— Marcus Pickett